About us

The Indy&Pippa brand was developed by a team of experts and visionaries employed at INDY & PIPPA d.o.o.

We strive for a sustainable lifestyle, so all our products only contain organic ingredients and are plant-based. The company premises are in Trzin, Slovenia.

Interested in presenting Indy&Pippa ice cream at your event or including them in your store/pub offer?

We are looking forward to cooperation in and beyond Slovenia.

INDY & PIPPA d.o.o., Borovec 9,
1236 Trzin, Slovenija

VAT ID No.: 36311057

Registration number: 3491153000
Phone: 00 386 1 810 90 64
Fax: 00 386 1 810 90 65

Marketing and promotions/ 

Karin Šimonka


00 386 41 751 791


“We are grateful to our customers and business partners for their long-standing trust!”


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About us

Meet the team of experts and visionaries at INDY & PIPPA d.o.o. The company premises are in Trzin.


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